Things to Look for in Recruitment Agencies Spokane

Recruiting the right candidate is very important to ensure success for a business. This is the reason why many businesses decide to work with reputed recruitment agencies Spokane which can add value to their recruitment process by helping them hire string candidates. Not only do they have a vast network of candidates, they can also allure dormant candidates to consider a new opportunity.

However, if you consider outsourcing the recruitment process to an agency offering temps Olympia, then make sure you work only with the best agencies to ensure the best outcomes. To choose the right recruitment agency, here are some factors that you must look for:


Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, you must look for an agency that has been working for reputed companies. The clients they have, say a lot about their reputation. If the big companies are using their recruitment services, then it is likely that the agency offers reliable and services.

The Screening Process

The last thing you want to do is feel guilty for hiring a candidate. So it is a must that you take a look at the recruitment process of the recruitment agencies Spokane you are considering. A reliable and experienced recruitment agency will spend a lot of time pre-screening candidates to ensure only the best ones reach the final interview stage.

Look Certified and Registered Agencies

It is best to work with registered and certified agencies to avoid all disappointments. To receive the certification, the agencies have to comply with certain standards of service; so by working with a certified recruitment agency, you can rest be assured of their level of service.

Employee Retention Rates

Almost every recruitment agency would tout about filling 100 percent of the vacancies; but what you should look for is the employee retention rate. How long do the candidates stay with a specific company after they have been hired? Don’t trust words, ask for proofs; if required you can consider talking to the existing clients and get the true picture of the employee retention rates.


Last but not the least you must take a look at the fee structure. Different recruitment agencies have different fee structures – for instance, some agencies would charge a fee equal to the monthly salary of the candidate, while some might charge a specific percentage (30 to 40 percent or higher) of the agreed upon monthly salary. So if you decide to hire the services of a specific recruitment agency, make sure you get everything written on the agreement.

Finally, before you hire a recruitment company, make sure you interview them as candidates. Ask specific questions such as – do you have candidates who can fill up vacancies in the organization? How do you assess whether a candidate is appropriate for a position? How long (approximate time) to fill up a vacant position, etc.

It is a must that you do your homework to ensure you work with the best agencies. The right candidates can help you take your business to the next level; whereas the wrong ones can do a lot of harm to the organization.


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