Working with Employment Agencies in Spokane and Olympia WA? Avoid Making These Mistakes

Hiring a recruitment firm to hire candidates on your behalf can be very helpful. They have access to a pool of talents and they cut down the pain of screening, interviewing, and negotiating with the candidates. Recruitment and temp agency in Olympis and Everett WA have access to talents that your HR department might not be able to get access to. So you can have peace of mind and concentrate on the other important aspects to ensure smooth operation within the organisation.

However, in order to help the employment agencies in Spokane and Olympia WA work smoothly and offer you with the best candidates, you need to help them at every stage. Companies often make mistakes while working with the recruitment agencies, which is why they fail to get the right candidate on board. If you don’t want that to happen to you, here are some mistakes that you need to avoid:

Not Communicating Regularly

You must keep communicating with the recruitment company and make sure they provide you with the most suitable candidates. Stay in touch to know what kind of candidates they are interviewing. Scrutinise the resumes to check the prospective candidate’s qualifications and experiences. Communication also helps you build long-term relationships with the recruitment company, so make sure you work alongside with the recruitment company throughout the screening and interviewing process.

Not Following Up

The recruitment companies know their job and they make sure the positions get filled as soon as possible, but it is important that you follow-up regularly. Remember, the recruitment companies work for several companies at a time, so they prioritise work for companies that have emergencies. If you do not follow-up they might think you are in no hurry to fill the positions. Ask the HR department to be in constant contact with the temps/ recruitment agency for the best results.

Not Providing the Details

You may require a programmer for your organization, but it is a must that you specify the details as well. Tell the recruitment agency whether you need a PHP programmer or a JAVA programmer, the level of experience required, the position to be filled and the responsibilities. Mentioning the salary range is also important. Also mention whether it is negotiable or not.

If you fail to provide the detailed requirements, it would be tough for the recruitment agency to provide you with the right and most suitable candidates. So have a clear understanding of the requirements for all the positions that need to be filled.

It is true that recruitment agencies work for your benefit, but it is your responsibility to make things easier for them. Remember, if the wrong candidate gets hired, you would be the one to suffer. So it is for your own benefit that you must work alongside with the recruitment company.

By avoiding the above mentioned mistakes, you can hire the right candidate and improve the overall efficiency and performance of your organisation. Communicate and follow-up and make sure the best talents join hands with your company.


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